M.C. Grimm: Creature Files – Zombie

Zombies: how does it all begin and how to survive the outbreak! Here, as Radiant Heroes presents: Creature Files.

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This weeks Creature Files features: Zombie
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*WARNING: This post contains scenes of graphic violence or adult content. Reader discretion is advised.*


It’s a tale as old as time; don’t let it bite you, shoot it in the head, or grab your trusty shovel out of the shed and go all Shaun of the Dead on it. Yes, zombies have been a real fear for as long as death has been a thing. After all, what’s worse than slaying your enemies than having to slay them twice!?

In the world of Radiant Heroes, a zombie infestation begins with a plague – much like that of a flu or cold. While this illness is very rare, it only takes a single “patient 0” to turn a whole village onto itself. Once there is an infected person, their appetite will get the better of them to spread the condition further. Typically, the longer this infestation exists, the further it spreads and harder it is to remedy.

Zombies are hearty, shambling beings that scour the lands tirelessly looking for their next meal. They have the strength and speed of their once living selves, but often move at such a slow speed to conserve energy. They can die after a few weeks without raw meat and progressively get slower and weaker as they decay. A well fed zombie will cease to decay and will develop regenerative abilities in addition to enhanced speed and strength. Should these zombies continue to feed, they will evolve into more powerful creatures; Brutes, with hulking strength and rage, or Lurkers, with blurring speed and ferocity. There is no way to know when one is going to transform, but they are most formidable as these “newborns”.

While a skilled cleric could heal a person of an infected bite; once a person has “turned” there is no means of restoring their humanity. Even after the zombie has been slain, a resurrection would only reanimate the zombie. Thus, curing an individual must be done with great haste and stopping a zombie outbreak should be done fast and without mercy.

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M.C. Grimm

*Image contributions credited to artists at pixabay.com*

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