M.C. Grimm: The Gift of Presence

Being an active participant in your own life, living in the present, and a blogger’s challenge. Do you accept or are you a coward?!

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We have spoken before about the importance of gratitude in our day to day. D.C. Caruso shared her insight on how the magic has shaped some miracles in her life. All great things begin with a level of consciousness, an appreciation for living that exponentially multiplies those great happenings. Starting this mindset begins with a regular presence in your own life and well being. Being present in your life. What do I mean by that?

To reminisce is nice, we all have some great stories to share to make us the life of the party. However dwelling in the past is something that takes away from our appreciation of where we are now. If you look back and say “things were better then”, you’re next thought should be, “what can make them better now”.

Same can work with future planning. Think about how often you are fixated on the future. Sunday night, stressing about work on Monday. Dreading  a procedure that’s weeks away. Losing sleep, planning out the details of a party that has plenty of time to come together. Scrolling on your phone while your partner is next to you, hungry for your attention. I believe, for all of us, there are moments in our day that are being wasted, moments that if we aren’t aware of them, become habits.

Now, what do I mean by wasted? Quite simply, performing an act that doesn’t bring you true joy. This is worse when there is an opportunity to do something else that truly makes you happy instead; which is always.
Here is an image I have shared once before, credit to the artist Eric Pickersgill, who photo-shops phones from pictures to show what it’s really like. I’d like to share it with you for perspective – is this you?


Be an active participant in your day to day life.
Be an engaged partner and parent in your family.
Try something new, doing something spontaneous, and don’t be afraid to live a little =)

I challenge you to try something new this week to be present, be an active character in your story and come back to share your experience and how it went – hope to hear from you!

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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