M.C. Grimm: A Poem, Timeless

A poem about effort, love, and romantic gestures from a hopeful romantic.


I believe in timeless things,

Such like olden antiques.

Some may throw them away,

But for me they’re unique.

This one, oh; this thing,

Won’t exist in this way.

They are frozen in time,

Appreciating each day.

As are we, in this life, if we’re both lucky and blessed.

To muster the vigor, of continuing breath.

And for many a day, do we ward off a death.

And revel in passions that beat in our breast.

I believe in us to be worthy of time.

Investing of love, perhaps written in rhyme.

And give to you daily, all the love that is mine.

For it is you, my love, who makes heaven divine.

So I’ll gesture and speak in repetitive song.

To the sound of ‘I love you’, all day long.

And I know in my heart we will never be wrong.

As I hear your sweet voice as you sing along.

With love,

M.C. Grimm


2 comments on “M.C. Grimm: A Poem, Timeless”

  1. The woman you’ve been writing about is very lucky…it’s obvious that you’re madly in love with her! Best wishes to you both and your future together 🙂

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