D.C. Caruso: Two Miracles in Two Days

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Believe in miracles? I do! And I have had two in two days. I am eternally grateful!

Let me explain. The first miracle, was the day I had to go to court for a speeding ticket. Was I speeding? Yes, however, I wasn’t aware that I was, it was totally by accident. I came down a hill doing a little below the posted speed limit, and approximately two feet from the speed limit sign was another sign that was significantly lower. I would never have had enough time to slow down. And that’s when the officer got me.

I was so nervous and upset when he told me why he was giving me a ticket. He was nice enough to explain that I “shouldn’t worry, because everything will  be OK.” And he was right. The day I went to court they reduced it to a parking ticket! So needless to say I was grateful! I was also grateful for my dear friend who kept me sane and grounded through this whole process.

My second miracle, was today when I got a phone call from the car dealership that usually repairs my car. Let me back up, the car has serious transmission problems. The company that makes the car is well aware of this, its been going for years. They had numerous recalls for the parts of the transmission, which I had repaired. However, now my car was out of warranty and was no longer covered for the same reoccurring problems. I was devastated and forced to stay at home, until I could afford the exuberant costs of repairing the transmission.

Then the phone call came in and it was a game changer! Apparently, the car manufacturer, has set forth a statement saying they will make all the repairs at no cost to the owners of the car. And if any owner has already paid for the repairs, that they will reimburse them. YAY!! I can now get my car fixed and not worry about waiting to gather the money. What a relief! Alas, my second miracle is here.

Now are you convinced? I know I am. Just believe… and always BE GRATEFUL.

X0, DC Caruso


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