D.C. Caruso: My Magic

How Rhonda Byrne’s novel, The Magic, impacted author D.C. Caruso’s life by using the law of attraction – and how it can help you too!


For the past week, I have been reading a book called The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne, and I have to say, it is life changing! Maybe some of you have read her first book, The Secret, and have already discovered the power of the universe. Well then, kudos to you! I read The Secret as well, however I never really knew understood how to incorporate the secret into my life, until NOW.

Reading The Magic and keeping up with all the practices, has been an amazing journey for me. Let me explain. Firstly, it has taught me to be more disciplined with my writing. Every morning, I sit at my table with a cup of tea and my journal and I write down the 10 Blessings, that the practices at the end of each chapter, require me to do. Secondly, I am learning how to feel more gratitude then I have ever felt. And let me tell you, it feels GREAT! Lastly, magical things have been happening for me. For example, my car needs work, the air conditioner blower has stuff stuck in it. The shop I use is very expensive and I really don’t have the extra money to put into fixing it right now. So, I happen to go on Facebook and see a name I recognize as the mechanic that works in that shop. To my surprise he made a post stating he was going out on his own and he left his cell number on the post. Well of course I texted him immediately and he said he would take care of it this week. And the best part is, he’s so much less expensive than the shop! See, how The Magic is working already?

Just remember, gratitude make all things possible. Be thankful, be blessed and have gratitude! Spread the magic where ever you go.

Thanks for reading! I’m thankful you did. Feel my gratitude? 😉

X0, DC Caruso

5 comments on “D.C. Caruso: My Magic”

  1. Exactly! Send out positive vibes, and they will come back to you! Be grateful to the universe, and it will give you more things to be grateful about! There is so much power in this! I should probably read the book to haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

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