M.C. Grimm – Radiant Heroes E.1 Excerpt

Episode 1, second edition excerpt to refresh your memory on some of the feels you had – way back when. *spoiler alert*


*Images credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

Episode 1 is coming out with a second edition, which will feature some added content and revisions. It will also feature a new cover (still in design). This second edition will be released at the same time as episode 1 =) and should be in the months to come.

To relive some of the emotion, here is an excerpt from the episode 1, second edition :


{The group gathered on deck, leaving only Gwynn at the bow looking on. Drogon exited the quarters carrying the wrapped body of Grekk. He pried up a splintered board and rested the body upon it – tying off a cannonball to his feet.

Drogon slid them towards the ledge, stood back, and hung his head. He projected his voice and kept a solemn tone, “We have lost an ally and a friend. A friend who taught me something I’ll never forget – how to hope. And now, when we say our goodbyes, I have hope for him. I hope wherever Grekk is now, he knows we live in his name. I hope he is at peace and rests knowing he has done the world great service throughout his life – that he has truly made the world a better place. He lived for the hope of peace, as do I. May Solihart guide his light,” Drogon kept his head down, “would you like to say something, Marlow?”

Marlow knelt down to touch Grekk’s head. “Grekk was my first friend. He was nice to me when I first arrived in the empire, a time when others left me to hunger. He didn’t care I was minotaur,” his large eyes began to tear, “he met his death with honor and died as a true warrior. Tauros will guide him to his next great battle where he will fight and slay – gloriously.”

Stein nodded, “Rest in peace, Grekk.”

Lee reached out to hold Stein’s hand, “I didn’t know Grekk long, but I know he was kind. I guess if I could tell him something it would be that I was glad to have met him – and that I was sorry,” he began to sob. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you!”

Stein hugged him.

Drogon wiped the tears from his eyes and knelt down. He inched the ball forward until its weight tugged them off the deck. It met the water with a splash and Grekk began to sink below the surface. They watched as he rippled beneath the waves, becoming more and more obscured until at last they were left staring off into the endless currents of the sea.}

Radiant Heroes: Episode 1 – A Fantastic Youth by M.C. Grimm

Radiant Heroes – Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth.

Radiant Heroes - Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth (Volume 1)

Coming Soon – Episode II: Beyond Horizons, check out Chapter 1 right here on my blog.

With love,

M.C. Grimm


3 comments on “M.C. Grimm – Radiant Heroes E.1 Excerpt”

  1. This was a sad, yet touching, part of the novel–getting to see an emotional side of our otherwise tough characters. Hopefully Lee does not hold on to his guilt too long.

    I’m excited to read the second edition as well as Episode 2! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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