M.C. Grimm: Languages of Love and Communication

A thought on communicating your language of love and appreciating the love you receive.

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An incredible-being in my life shared this post with me today and I felt it insightful and wonderfully thought provoking enough to share;


Not everyone is a charming linguist, has the money for random gifts, or possesses a craving for physical affections, but everyone does have their own understanding, nay – their own fluent language of love – and that’s beautiful.

Firstly, understanding your own language is important; that which comes naturally to you to show your love to your partner. Love is about giving, so let’s start with really feeling what we are putting out there and if we are giving enough today – are we?

Now, what you need might be less apparent. You might receive gifts all the time and every day, but still be doubting an emotion. Here is when it would be a good idea to ask yourself; why? If you just thought ‘i wish i received gifts every day‘ then let me ask you, what exactly do you want? Because I’d be willing to bet that maybe the gifts don’t matter at all because you really just want is the affection, the gesture of that thoughtfulness that goes into receiving a gift. And if that’s what you like, what you need, then you should/will have it =) communicate it, let your partner know so they can love you how you wish to be loved.

Here is an awesome easy-to-understand guide to the 5 love languages – as explained with tacos.


Whatever your language, communicate it. And appreciate your partners efforts as well. If you don’t feel like they are showing you what you need, speak to them; and we both know that they love you enough (in their own way) to make an effort (to love you your way). If you never say anything, how can they know? What have you got to lose?

If you are struggling with your own love language or want some outside thoughts on how to approach your situation, feel free to share here – this is a safe place to talk. If you have your own success stories, we’d love to hear them as well =)

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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