M.C. Grimm: Creature Files – Vampires

The rumors are true – vampires exist! Their curse is infectious and all consumeing, but don’t worry; there’s hope.

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*Images credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence or adult content. Reader discretion is advised.*

Certain cultures throughout Radiant Heroes practice a level of mindfulness that includes meditation and a focus on understanding consciousness. These parts of the world believe that to attain enlightenment, you must free yourself from attachments; physical possessions, wants, desires, and emotions. They believe that to live, on the whole, is to suffer. They feel wanting what you don’t have creates unhappiness, and having what you ‘want’ makes you lose appreciation for it and eventually, simply – want more. A constant state of wanting what you don’t have. A constant state of suffering.

It is believed the vampires were cursed mortals given immortality to remain in the suffering that is life – forever. This curse was created from dark, vengeful, ancient gods to reinforce praise from their followers for protection from the very beings they themselves damned. Burdened with the constant hunger for murder, the most impure act that breaks down the soul; they live in a parasitic torment that slowly fades an individual consciousness and results in non-existence through instinctual, eternal, suffering and hunger.


Sounds like a rough way to reach non-existence? Well it is a curse so it’s not supposed to be pleasant. Some of the reasons vampires are so commonly known are because of the tortuous ‘death’ of the disease and also how quickly they can grow their numbers. Any non-fatal bite will infect the person to become a creature of night, like it’s attacker.

Once bitten the victim succumbs to fever, cold sweats, full  body aches and unquenchable thirst. During the final stages (resulting within 24 hours) their skin will shed to reveal a porcelain flesh beneath, fangs will push the teeth from their mouth, and claws spring from underneath their nail-bed. The transformation is rumored to be one of excruciating pain and screams can be heard throughout an entire village during.

What do you get from this? On top of a thirst for blood; a fatal sensitivity to sunlight, increased reflexes and strength (particularly after feeding), and an invulnerability to age and disease. Some have been able to retain their conscious mind for weeks before being consumed by the malevolent nature of the disease, but it is believed that once the transformation has been complete, the person is never the same.

Good news – there are some master-clerics through the world that are able to reverse the disease if treated early, but it is of certain risk to the healer and requires great skill – they are incredibly rare to offer their services and do their best not to advertise it. However, if you are well-connected or wealthy, there is hope for you.

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Radiant Heroes - Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth (Volume 1)

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With love,

M.C. Grimm

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