D.C. Caruso: Fun Summer Things to Do

Having fun and keeping active during the summer with your family – some ideas on what to do to get off the cell phone and experience quality time together.

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Need some fun, cheap things to do with your kids this summer?

Then you have come to the right blog site! Some of these are my own ideas and some I looked up online. I’m forever trying to keep my kids off their cell phones and doing other things. It’s not to say, that being on their phones isn’t a good source of entertainment, because it can be. I do it myself. However, I don’t want my kids to stare at the screen on their phones for hours on end.

Check out my list below and if you like, try some of these ideas with your kids. Not all these things are appropriate for all aged kids. You as their parent need to decide which ones you can do with your children, depending on their ages. I have done most of these things on this list with my kids.

Have a fun filled summer! As always, thanks for reading!

X0, DC Caruso

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Fun things to do

1.  Pack a picnic and head to the beach.
2. Take a trip to the Dollar Tree store & plan to spend about $10 and get some cool craft items or other fun stuff.
3. Go browsing in your favorite store. Mine favorite store is Target!
4. Have a water gun fight.
5. Visit your local library, they usually have a bunch of fun things to do there. Ours has Lego club, movie times and more.
6. Play a board game, or go out and get a new board game and all of you can learn how to play it together.
7. Learn a new dance such as line dancing by watching videos on YouTube.
8. Pull out your recipe book and have everyone try to make the recipe and change it up a bit by adding new and different ingredients.
9. Host and plan a party.
10. Visit an aquarium.
11. Find a new cafe in another town close to yours, and take the kids there for lunch.
12. Make a treasure box or time capsule and have the kids put their own things in there. Have them draw pictures too, to place in the box/capsule. Bury that box/time capsule.
​13. Plant a garden and nurture it.
14. Have an indoor picnic. Make hot dogs and corn on the cob and fun stuff. Then place a blanket on the floor in the middle of the living room. Have the kids draw and color ants in bright colors with funny faces on paper before hand, and you the parent, should cut them out. No picnic is complete without ants!
15. Do a puzzle.
16. Try origami. Start with constructing simple things at first and then more on to things that are more challenging.
17. Grab a box of chalk and go draw on the concrete or asphalt in your driveway. You can get Crayola chalk for $1 in the Dollar Tree. I just bought some today!
18. Buy a large bottle of bubbles and have a bubble blowing contest.
19. Have all the kids decide what they want for dinner that night and have them help with gathering the ingredients and preparing it.
20. Write a haiku.
21. Go to the Dollar store and buy a new notebook and pen, and then start a grateful journal. Write 5 things you are grateful for and 5 things you want. Be specific, the universe is listening.
22. Research your family tree. See what relatives you can find, that you didn’t even know you had.
23. Go to a matinee movie. It’s cheaper than going at later times in the day.
24. Go on a photo safari. Take your camera or cell phones and look around you and take photos of things you love. Come home and share those photos with each other. Great way to have a conversation.
25. Go fly a kite.
26. Create vision boards. Look online for ideas on how to do them. Then incorporate your own ideas and personalize them.
​27. Make a homemade pizza and put a bunch of different toppings on it.
28. Go to the craft store and buy a canvas and some acrylic paints and brushes and paint summer themed pictures.
29. Go to the Redbox and pick a movie you will all enjoy. Then pop some popcorn and add m&m’s and some other goodies and enjoy!
​30. Take long drives and discover new places.

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