D.C. Caruso: A Memorial of Diego, “My Boy”

Our pets are our family and when they must depart we are often heartbroken. D.C. Caruso shares her experience and honors the memory of her beloved Diego.

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He struggled like he never had before. The journey seemed  more arduous and longer than ever. He crawled, dragging his body along the floor. He tried one more time to stand, but his body had other ideas and he collapsed yet again.

He was so loving and easily excitable. Everyone who met him fell in love with him. Family and friends would sit near just to be with him and to hold him.

The couch is bare and his favorite perch is now empty. His bed remains untouched. His family is heartbroken and feel as if they won’t ever recover.

Diego, you were the sweetest most loving, most perfect kitty we ever had. You gave us 15 years of happiness and it was so hard to let you go.

The love and legacy you left behind, Diego, is forever etched in our hearts…

We love you today, tomorrow and always. I miss you, my boy more than you will ever know.

I kissed his head,
Crying, I said I love you,
Rest easy my Diego.❤️


As always, thank you for reading.
DC Caruso


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