M.C. Grimm: 11:11 – Make a Wish!

This wish is yours to make ❤


Shooting stars, dandelions, bird poop, and of course – 11:11.
AM or PM, makes no difference, they are equally lucky and prone to fortunes unfolding at the simple act of; a wish.

While there are some that don’t believe in magic, that don’t believe dreams are anything more than sleeping fancies – we know better. We, being waking-dreamers, know that to wish is to envision something fantastical, to create a wonderful happening and then, by ways of attraction, bring this wonder into existence and life.

I promise you, sometimes if you wish hard and long enough, it will come true =) I have proof of that.

Don’t forget to keep your wish to yourself or it won’t come true!
This life is yours to live ❤ this wish is yours to make.


With love,
M.C. Grimm

*Images credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

2 comments on “M.C. Grimm: 11:11 – Make a Wish!”

  1. I’m interested in this “proof” you speak of…

    Also, I made my wish, let’s see if it comes true! 🙂


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