M.C. Grimm: The Gift of Gratitude

Subjective appreciation, perception, the power of gratitude, and making the best investment of your time.


*Images credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

We appreciate the light when we are lost in darkness.
And when we are blinded by it, do we seek the brim of shadow.
We appreciate the roasting blaze of fire when we are cold,
And the chill of conditioning when we are hot.

We relish in the cleansing relief of soap and water,
And cherish the dry embrace of cotton sheets.
Seeking love, we hold open arms,
Cradled in solitude, we show closed doors.

And what of it?

If we define our mood on short-term conditions, for even a moment, we give way to losing appreciation for what we do have – for all the character and soul within us that seeks to thrive! I am guilty of this as much as anyone, allowing the little ’emo’ voice in my head to discredit my self-worth and make me feel as if I am unworthy of love, unfit for happiness outside of tacos. Exercising our Gift of Gratitude, displaying regular appreciation for things, happenings, and people that owe us nothing and yet – still share their time, their precious time, with us – is that not a true demonstration of love and self-love?

The issue with this ‘subjective appreciation’ is that it is defined by perception. Purely based on a short term and immediate need of relief or satisfaction. Would you throw away your air conditioner simply because winter has come? Likely not, because we can appreciate that the time will come again when we will need its soothing chill to lull us to sleep. Why not regularly practice this appreciation? Why not, even when feeling lonely, still be open to a visit from a  friend, who will likely quickly change our mind? Why become victims to these emotions when we; the conscious, powerful, wonderful, sentient beings we are – WE are in full control of our lives and our destinies! When we are stressed, still smile. When we are tired, still make time for that one last token of love. When we are busy, still send a thoughtful text.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, what are you doing with yours?

Wear this, live this, and breathe gratitude into your very soul.


I would love if you could share with me some wonderful things in your life that you are grateful for in the comments below =)

I will share with you as well.
I am grateful to have my sister whom taught me humility, my father that shown me cunning and a way with words, my mother who taught me kindness and faith, my cousins whom were my first friends and partners in crime, aunts and uncles who shaped me, friends who always supported me and took me in when I was in needed/mended my heart when it was broken, and my love, Luna, who gives a dancing rhythm to my heart.

Tell me of your loves ❤

With love,
M.C. Grimm

7 comments on “M.C. Grimm: The Gift of Gratitude”

  1. I am grateful for my soulmate, he makes me laugh everyday, and feel like the most special woman in the world. ❤ I'm grateful for family and friends, and all of the support they've shown me recently as I've made some seemingly impulsive changes. I'm grateful for cats, I love them.
    And I'm grateful for your blog posts and the inspiration for discussion and self-reflection they give.

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