D.C. Caruso: The Life of a Romance Author

DC Caruso shares insight and inspiration on what beats in the heart of a romance author. She also gives a us a sneak peek from her upcoming novel: Till Death Do Us Part.

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     Do you ever wonder what life is like for a romance author? I always did, until I became a romance author and saw for myself exactly what that life entailed.

     I am just like all of you, I get up each morning and do my daily routine, cleaning, taking the dogs for a walk, feeding the cats and Guinea pig, take care of the kids (not necessarily in this order), and then I make breakfast and begin my day. The only difference is, my office is in many different places.

     Some days, I choose to write at my desk in the corner of my bedroom. Other days, my dining room table. But the most fun I have, is when I get to write outside on my deck. Living here in Pennsylvania, the outside world can be very inspirational.

     Just imagine, looking out over beautiful grassy mountainous land with the trees and their shiny green leaves staring back at you. With the cool breeze of early summer, sending the scent of fresh basil from my garden flying through the air and getting caught under my nose. I love this scent, to me its one of the things that define summer.

     The book I am working on now, Till Death do us Part, was completely inspired from writing outside overlooking my mountainous land. I was daydreaming about life, death, love and losing a loved one. Then I grabbed my computer and my newest romance story began…

An excerpt from:
Till Death Do Us Part
by DC Caruso

      {All is quiet in St. Charles Cemetery, as it should be. I’m standing next to Father Layhe, on the side of Nate’s coffin, as he speaks about my brother. I never thought he would be the first to go. He was younger than I, healthier and so much stronger. How could this happen? I ask myself this question repeatedly, every day since he passed. The doctors said they believe he had a heart attack behind the wheel of his car when he was driving home from work. They feel this must have caused him to lose control of the vehicle and crash it into the tree. They say most accidents happen within five minutes of your home. In this case, that was very true.

     His girlfriend Leah is standing at the head of his coffin pretending to be completely devastated. I never liked her, she is too much of a phony and I can see right through her. I always asked him what he saw in her and his reply would be, “she’s great in bed.” And we would both laugh hysterically.

     One day before he passed, he told me what he saw in her, was that she was decent and pretty. He also said he felt he couldn’t do any better. Nate was never very good at choosing a mate. He usually hung out in bars and picked up whoever looked good to him after he had had several drinks in him. I told him he went about it all the wrong way. With today’s technology and all the dating websites out there, I felt he had a better chance of finding a better woman suited for him if he gave one of those a try. Match.com, is a popular site and I have several friends who found their perfect mate on that site and married them too! As close as we were, he never listened to me and told me that he’s old-fashioned and didn’t want to turn to the internet to find the woman of his dreams.

     “Emma? Emma? Are you ok dear?” Asked Father Layhe.

     I snapped out of my thoughts and answered quickly, “Umm, yes Father, I’m okay.”

     “Would you like to speak now on behalf of your brother?”

     “Yes, Thank you Father. As you all know Nate and I were very close. We did everything together, went to the same college, hung out with the same friends, and worked our first job at the same supermarket. I adored him and if we could ask him how he felt about me, I’m sure he’d say I was his ‘Pipsqueak.’ He was a great guy and was the kind of guy that would do anything for anyone. His sudden passing is devastating to me and he will always be on my mind and in my heart. I love you Nate. Rest easy till we meet again.” I said with a loud sob.

     It was so hard to hold it all together as I said this, and the tears streamed uncontrollably down my face. I glanced up to look to at Leah, who didn’t even shed a tear throughout my eulogy, to see her talking and smiling at one of my brother’s best friends. She confirmed what I always said to Nate, that she’s one big PHONY! When she caught my glance, she took a tissue from her purse and wiped at her eyes. Yeah okay, I’m sure this was for my eyes only. For all I know, she was planning to hook up with Nate’s best friend later.}


     This story is a relatable about love and life throwing a curve ball at you when it’s least expected. It’s about a young woman who falls in love and has to deal with more heartbreak. It’s about people coming together and being there for each other. Till Death do us Part is a warm, wonderful romance story, that will leave you feeling like you just lived vicariously through Emma’s life.

     At the end of my day, I get to leave my computer and continue on with my life. Just as you all do. The only difference, is that my characters come with me in my mind and I continue to think about them long after the blue screen goes to black…

Till Death Do Us Part by DC Caruso
Available Now!till death do us part


As always, thank you for reading.
DC Caruso

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