M.C. Grimm: Cats and Nightmares

Do cats sleep? Do they dream? Can cats enslave the minds of humans and influence their dreams? Read more here…

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*Images credited to artist contributions at Pixabay.com*

Half of my soul tells me to write about cats. And the other half more naturally wants to write about nightmares. Why must there be only one topic? Let’s start off light and fluffy for any of you cat lovers out there.


Firstly, do cats dream? Yes. As most mammals dream much similarly to humans. They experience the same REM and non-REM sleep that we do. REM being dream sleep with brain activity and non-REM being a lesser level of consciousness that might be more easy to awaken.

Secondly, what do they dream about? Well, that depend on what cats think about. Food, sleep, a new environment; the basis of the subconscious is similar, but obviously they are not worried about car trouble or an upcoming promotion at work. Your cat might have a wonderful tranquil life, and being dreaming about sleeping on your chest. That’s right – dreaming about sleep! Or, your cat could have horrific anxiety and be having stressful nightmares about when you’re going to be coming home.

If you are not a fan of cats you might be saying, “the cat wouldn’t care if someone was home, they just want you for food and warmth”. And who am I to say if that’s true or not =) I am the version of M.C. Grimm that wants to write about nightmares and prefers dogs.


The real question you should be asking yourself is quite different; unusual even.

Not ‘do cats dream’ or ‘what do they dream about’. No that’s easy science – simple junior high biology and theoretical. Alas, the real question, the basis of observation and the purpose for this urgent safety bulletin is, can cats CAUSE nightmares? Does the frequency of their alpha-wave driven brain activity seek to control, dominate, and potentially torment their owners!? Is that why some people know (by natural and instinctual allergic reactions) to swear off cats to protect their own free will – meanwhile others look to own as many as possible because they are brainwashed by the dominant alpha brain-waves of their feline masters!?

There’s a discussion going on thecatsite.com where people have shared the nightmares inflicted by their cats. Here’s one such story.

Mom of 10 cats wrote:
“A few years ago, I dreamed I was being chased, I ran down a dead end and turned to face whoever was chasing me. I could feel their breath on my face and see their eyes staring right into mine. I woke suddenly and Midnight was leaning over me, staring into my face, breathing on me!…”

There are more stories there at that link, and yes; perhaps I am reaching with this cat-propaganda, but – perhaps not!

Feel free to share the stories of what your cats or other pets have brought into your dreamscape.

If you are a cat lover, know this post is all in good fun. Feel free to leave a wonderful story of your feline companion – if you have one =)

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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