M.C. Grimm: A Poem, When the Soul Finds Home

A poem about finding the love of your life, and not caring if anyone says it ‘too soon’ to feel so strongly because your heart and soul know best =)


*Artwork utilized in posts contributions of artist at Pixabay.com*

When the Soul Finds Home
My cheeks blush to red, it’s the warmth of your light.
Igniting within me, a star burning bright.

If I have dreams to dream, they would be; only this.
And this flavor I savor, is the taste of your kiss.

Grazing your hand, your fingers I’ll trace.
Our touch is electric, my heart starts to race.

I’ve wished upon stars and clovers, but never,
Could I hope to have found this feeling – wherever,
Maryland, teaching, so passionate, clever,
I’m hoping that I could keep this forever.

Forgive me, I’m forward, but speaking my heart,
Your love holds such beauty, and you; living art.

What you make me feel, I know that it’s true.
My soul knows it’s home, and has found it in you.

With love,
M.C. Grimm


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