DC Caruso: Enter to win a free download of my newest audio-book!!

DC Caruso announces her newest audio-book and how you can get one – for free!

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Hello Readers!! I’m excited to share my news with you all!! My romance book ‘Snowbound,’ was just released as an audiobook!! YAY!! I have a wonderful narrator, Nichole Thompson, who I am sure will delight you when you listen to her tell my story. My audiobook is sold on Audible, iTunes and Amazon!! You can order from amazon here  or you can purchase direct through Audible here.

Now, if you’d like, you can enter into my monthly contest to win your FREE copy of my audiobook, ‘Snowbound,’ by going clicking here.
After listening to my book, would you please go to the amazon listing here and leave a positive review about my book. I’d greatly appreciate it! Positive reviews are paramount in the author world! 😉
Have a great day! And as always, thanks for tuning in!

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