M.C. Grimm: My Life as a Star

Rosy-colored glasses, hopeless-romantic attitude, and dreamer expectations and how that can change your stars to create happiness and multiply.


*Artwork utilized in posts contributions of artist at Pixabay.com*

Recently, I was having a conversation with a remarkable individual in Alaska about love. I told him my story about how the most incredible woman came into my life and shattered everything I thought I knew about passion, romance, and even myself. If I ever doubted soulmates, destiny, or fate; I am now living a synonymous existence to these very words with a firm belief that “everything happens for a reason”, and if you are willing to attract it to you, ‘build it so it will come’, and accept it when it comes to you; it can be as miraculous a reason as true, constellation-worthy love.

Call it cliche, but you know how I feel about that =)

For those of you who know me, you likely know me to be a hopeful-romantic. So much of my life, friendships, romances, and otherwise can be portrayed symbolically in one way or another. Whether I am drowning in the emotion of a shipwreck, or savoring the flavor of music, the way my mind mostly thinks is to put whatever it is in what I have been criticized for a ‘romanticized’ thought.  I wouldn’t change this if I could, I believe this is can be a strength; having ‘rosy-colored glasses, hopeless-romantic attitude, and dreamer expectations’. My approach to life has been that I will happily take on the heartache that has certainly come with this ‘heart on my sleeve’ outlook, and hopefully, now existing in my present reality; be able to live that very dream that I will create together with her; she who loves as deeply and truly as I do.


And that’s the trick, isn’t it? You can’t ever give up – you can’t settle or say ‘this is good enough‘. You can’t close yourself off to love altogether when someone hurts you because then you are cheating yourself and your destiny from the happiness that awaits you. You need to ask, ‘what do I want?’ and then ‘how do I get it?’. Never is the answer, ‘cancel on my friends and stay in alone’. I’m not saying there isn’t a time for that, there absolutely is. However, you and I both know that you won’t find that new-true-happiness you’ve been searching for by checking the same places you have already been. I am here for you if you need help getting started. And I promise you, getting started is the only challenging part, everything else falls into place all on its own.

Alas, I have ranted and led away from my Alaskan conversation. We spoke about Motion. All things at all times are in motion. Atoms moving within your cells, within your body, inside your home, on continental plates, across the earth, soaring through the galaxy, exploding through the universe! We can go larger and smaller and break down a thousand different levels beyond and within, but you know what I am saying here. All things are in motion. It is as real as the physics that creates the gravity that keeps you grounded. Our soul, spirit, energy, etc. must be allowed to thrive in that same motion. You don’t need to travel, or to have money, you just need to be open and allow yourself to love (doesn’t have to be a romantic love) freely. Let your spirit have that same freedom of motion, don’t trap it within the confines of your consciousness – break free!

So, as I frequently do, I want to challenge you. I want you to step outside of your comfort zone. Break free of the routine of your regular thoughts, even if you feel you are content, I want you to be completely open and honest with yourself when you do this. For your own sake, for your own future, and your own passions.

And ask yourself this:

Am I happy?
What do I want?
How do I get it?
What’s stopping me?
Should it?

And if you are already truly happy, I am thrilled for you and I want to hear about it in the comments below =) share your story so we can ignite the the hearts of the 200+ people who see this.

Together we can throw a thank you up to the universe and celebrate your love – it will multiply!


With love,
M.C. Grimm







6 comments on “M.C. Grimm: My Life as a Star”

  1. In answer to the 5 questions:
    Abundance in money, health and love.
    From the universe.
    Fear and ignorance.
    Absolutely not!

    Beautifully written. I see and feel your love and all you have to offer everyone who comes into your life. You are an amazingly positive person who spreads positivity to everyone whose lives you touch.


    1. Thank you for your kindness, I am grateful for you!
      And the universe will bring it to you. Fear is meant to be overcome, and ignorance sounds like you are being hard on yourself – there’s nothing you can’t do if you invest yourself into it.

      Nothing can stop you – break free – chase what you want and it will be yours!


  2. This is my second-favorite blog post you’ve ever written. It’s so inspiring and I agree. We need go break free from our inhibitions and follow our hearts–the cost will always be less than the reward 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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