M.C. Grimm: Luna of the Moon

A brief poem for; as with any of my dedications, to the infamously illusive constellation-worthy Love.


*Artwork utilized in posts contributions of artist at Pixabay.com*

Luna of the Moon

If I am lucky enough to know you,
If we live the danger it takes to try,
If we took chances just to wonder,
Then I know we’d never die.

Caught amongst the dreamers,
I am soaring, lost, adrift.
The moonlight begs to warm me,
As my heart begins to shift.

I have glued up all the pieces,
And pound the beat back in my chest.
Seeking constellation-worthiness,
And giving nothing less.

I am hopelessly hopeful,
I am open to all.
To the pain that comes from heartache,
And the thrill where comes the fall.

May I dream such sweet emotion?
May I dance her midnight hour?
Or am I dreaming dreams at night to miss her,
As the sun does miss the flower.

I will share with you my starshine,
And wish to bask within your glow.
We can stay spinning in our gravity,
As we celestials only know.

How I’d cherish this heavenly body,
If we could only know it’s right.
I wish to steal her from the sky,
And live within our light.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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