M.C. Grimm: Once upon a time…

“Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” The Dread Pirate Roberts.


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“Once upon a time…”
What a beautiful way to begin a story. You can already envision a hero, a challenge and a happy ending. Would you like more? “As you wish.”

And maybe this hero is you. Maybe this challenge is exactly what you’re facing. And maybe that happy ending is exactly what you have been wanting out of your life – exactly where your dreams, efforts and ambitions collide into a reality. A reality that is attainable. And yes – it is attainable. It exists already. Where? Let’s dive in.

I have had brief discussions over belief versus reality. It inspired a thought in me as this friend of mine, well; she seems to do that lately =) Does our belief shape our reality? Or should our reality shape our belief? We accept the idea of a placebo effect with medicine and can recognize the minds ability to sway the body. What is different about allowing our mind to sway the universe? AKA having our belief shape our reality.

The law of attraction. It works on everything and everyone at every time. It always has and always will.

The law of attraction requires action. “If you build it they will come”. You first have to build it! Business professionals that are regarded as successful often refer to this as “beginning with the end in mind.” There are many renditions of the same idea. It starts off with figuring out what you want. That place we talked about before where your dreams, efforts and ambitions collide – remember? Let’s call it the Journey. That’s the ‘end in mind’. That’s what you need to build. You don’t have to worry about all the ‘how am I going to do that – that’s so intimidating to go from here to there!’ that part will work itself out, trust me I write a blog (lol) but you have to put yourself on that path that could guide you there.


If you see yourself surrounded by friends in your Journey, but when your friends invite you out and you decline; you are not building it. It is not coming. That was an opportunity missed. And i might have been on that one particular night that your group would’ve befriended another group and created that piece of your Journey.

The same can be said of your career. If you hate what you do and envision yourself happy at work then to ‘build it’ might mean to prep your resume and get on some job sites; even after a rough day at work – put yourself out there. By getting yourself out there, ‘they will come’.

Of course, as my heart often lives in the world of a hopeless romantic (further referred to as a hopeful romantic), I think about how it pertains to love. And while I have been through my share of heartache, betrayals, and unfortunate-romances; I consciously put that distrustful baggage down. We have to, that is only impeding our Journey and holding us back. That fear of not being enough – why feel that way? Because to the right person, not only are you enough – you are everything! Can this hurt? Of course it can! But you know; making yourself vulnerable is the only way to allow someone in. And letting someone in is the only way to reach the Journey of a hopeful romantic.

Here is a song that completely sums up everything in this post, like reading in rhythm:

Keep on dreaming, keep on building – and it will come!

If you are having doubts, know that I believe it strong enough for the both of us and as always: you can reach out to chat =)

With love,
M.C. Grimm



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