M.C. Grimm: Of life, of loss, and of Love.

With a minimal woe, a silver lining, and the help of a lighthouse – we find our way ashore.


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“I exist in a sea of stars.” M.C. Grimm
Because who doesn’t want a quote from their life somewhere =)

I’ll jump right to it. For those of you who know me, you know that the past months have been a most challenging time in my life – a divorce. And while many people go through it, I, like most or probably all of them, never thought I would be here. I have shed the tears and stitched the wounds so now – I am beginning to heal. Understandably these things take time in order for my soul to come out stronger and remain true to myself; so I will be patient with my heart and not dwell in the negative. No, today I wanted to talk about the upside, the silver lining, the light in the darkness. While the sorrow in this loss is overwhelming, I am surrounded by  some incredible family and friends that truly make me feel an exceedingly powerful love. Even when I’m not asking, even when I don’t feel I deserve it, there it is; and it picks me up to my feet again.

They make me live and breathe this:


I am blessed. I am fortunate. I am lucky to have so many people that genuinely care.
Thank you, I am eternally grateful that you exist to bring light into the world.

Maybe instead: “I exist in a sea of your stars”.
Thank you for sharing your warmth, such gravity is immeasurable (insert Newton joke here lol).

This post was inspired by something my cousin Gina had shared earlier. I have been thinking so much about it, how it applies to me, others I know, and mostly what I want out of life.

“Some people want to be in love so that they are not alone. Others are seeking true magic. I am once of them.”


That’s right – Magic. I have referred to this numerous times throughout my adult life as ‘constellation-worthy’ love. The kind of awe-inspiring feeling that (literally) takes your breath away. Where your heart skips a beat and those butterflies in your stomach linger for a lifetime. I know it exists, I have seen it. And like all great things, just knowing that it CAN exist even once; means it can exist again. It exists and I will have it =) and where it might start as an ember, I will build a roaring flame!

I am sharing this with you for a few reasons:

Firstly, if someone is going through a rough happening like this, know that you aren’t alone. Hell, you can message me if you want to vent a bit. We can throw some hurt-depressed-angry-betrayed-hopeful-feelings at the wall, smear them around with mad ramblings, and make some emotional artwork together. I’ve heard stories from some great friends of a red wall art that sold for 50 million, maybe this would solve some of those woes we have? Is it wishful thinking or prophecy? You decide! Moving on.

Secondly, I would be doing my stars (supportive family and friends) a disservice if I did not make sure the world knew I am truly okay and still hopelessly optimistic of the future of my life – confident in what I can create with your continued help and support. For some reason, this all feels incredibly right. Like the universe is conspiring for me (as I’m sure it does for you too) to put all the stars of my (someday our) constellation in order. I feel like I am watching them shift each day as if I am, without effort, building my dream-life, my destiny.

Finally, these are not the things to ignore! The Law of Attraction calls for action, it calls for you to seize an emotion, let it build inside you, and scream it out into the universe with a barbaric yawp!

Thanks for checking in, look forward to seeing you soon!

With love,

6 comments on “M.C. Grimm: Of life, of loss, and of Love.”

  1. Beautifully written, no doubt you’re a writer! Sorry you had to experience this heartbreak, MC. You’re one in a million and any woman would be blessed to have you in their life. Hoping the magic you once had, you’ll have again and will last for a lifetime. xoxoxo

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