The feeling of ‘Home’

Defining ‘Home’ and how to find it.


Recently I’ve been thinking about the feeling of being ‘home’. The relaxing sensation of relief that accompanies a place or a person that settles an anxious mind. While lost in my thoughts of ‘home’ I am reminded of a move; A Knights Tale. In the movie, a poor man has the opportunity to place his son in the servitude of a knight. While he will lose his son to a risky life, there is also an opportunity for greatness and comfort beyond what he can otherwise provide.

At one point his father tells him how it is possible for him to ‘change his stars’ aka change his destiny. He explains that everything will be okay and when they will see each other again when he finds his way home. I couldn’t find the scene, but the boy, having never left the city and knowing nothing else of the world says;

“How will I know my way home?” the boy asked.
“You need only to follow your feet.” said his father.

It’s beautiful. Simple and true. Beautiful parting words from a father offering the best life he could.

Later on he finds his way back home to find his father has become blind, but it still managing to provide for himself as a net-maker. It’s another beautiful scene and you can check it out here.

My takeaway and the message it has instilled in me since I saw it a decade ago; no matter how hopelessly lost you are, and however terrible your sense of direction, you can always find your way home (wherever/whoever that might be for you) if you just keep searching for it. I felt that is an important enough message to share with your wonderful soul.

With love,
M.C. Grimm

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