Becoming fluent in Silence

Observing the power of silence like a fresh snow and taking in the world.

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I believe there is a certain serenity in silence. I believe that sometimes we can fill the air with so much noise, keeping our mouths moving, brain thinking and mind focused that we can miss out on some of the subtle beauties of life. In the interest of understanding this theory better, I have decided that for the entire day today; I will not speak.

There is undoubtedly a beauty in silence. I know you can hear it’s eerie and yet comforting stillness during or after a good snow. It almost seems like an isolated wilderness (because of the sound-waves being absorbed in the cushion-like spacing of molecules of the snow). For me, today is about taking in the details. Allowing the world around me to take its shape without my impacting, at least not verbally. For those who know me; this will be extremely difficult for me. I am a constant voice of ridiculous shenanigans. And because of this fact, I feel it is more important.

This is not to say I will not be interacting with the world, but rather I will try to do so in other ways. By communicating with a look, gesture, or smile. If it really comes down to it, I suppose I will write my message, but my goal is to avoid that.

What led me to this? Well, have you ever truly observed the power of silence? Imagine a great comedian, doing his best routine up on stage. If the crowd is silent, the show is ruined. Imagine a meeting at your job, however difficult or stressful, right or wrong, sensitive of subject, etc. If they only walked through a presentation and no one said a word other than the presenter; talk about making a statement!

More towards the day to day, silence in a conversation sends a message. If I was to say ‘are you my friend?’ and you remain silent or change the subject, you can gather there are doubts or a response that the person just doesn’t want to engage in that conflict. The same if I was to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’.

Not to say the power is only negative, but have you ever just needed to talk to someone? And rather than simply listen and allow you to vent, they kept proposing takes as if trying to solve every problem as it arose? There is nothing against it, and from my friends I absolutely love it; but I am sure that there are times where anyone just wants to get it all out and then let it settle. Process the words they just said and maybe find their own solutions. I am guilty of hearing a situation and then sharing how to better it and maybe that isn’t what someone needs, after all in all seriousness; wtf do I know?! It’s their situation, they know how to handle it, it is just stressful and they need someone to listen, if they want an opinion they’ll ask for it.

Anyway, I believe that I can carry a conversation by myself and sometimes I will ‘fill the air’. Because of that I am missing out on the contributions of others and lets face it, I already know what I would say; I should really just listen. Take it all in, process the feelings of the world, and then; re-enter with a fresh attitude tomorrow. Why not?

Best regards,
M.C. Grimm


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