The ‘Road of Life’

Speed bumps in life, the Art of Suffering, the baseline of happiness, and saying what you need to hear to yourself accompanied by a quote from The Alchemist.


Hello all,

There is no doubt that the ‘road of life’ is riddled with detours, potholes, accidents, and an occasional breakdown. We can sometimes find ourselves buried in emotion, numb to worthwhile sensations, deflecting our problems into nonviable solutions, or just plain lost. Throughout these periods, whatever they are, the stress manifests in destructive ways. That is when we are suffering in the fullest extent of the word.

Google dictionary defines suffering as follows;
  1. the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.
    “weapons that cause unnecessary suffering”

For me, it’s an ache in my heart. Not heartburn, or high cholesterol and not the constricting of taco-filled arteries or elevated heart rate of anger. No, just a chilling-cold, soft-but-present, sinking-ache, like my heart itself is trying to bury itself deeper in my chest to hide from the world and those who hurt it.

I recall a book and poster from my youth; The Art of Suffering. Seeing the poster in my room back at my parents house, many friends would come in and think I was a dark and ’emo’ kid, but I suppose at the time; I was. My mindset was black, pessimistic, and shrouded in a continuous ‘nothing really matters anyway’ attitude. It wasn’t until much later that remembered the poster (because it had been long since lost), touched the book, and cared to absorb the information. Call it zen, follow it as part of buddhism, whatever you’d like, but the message is simple; Life Is Suffering. NOT necessarily in a dark and morbid sense.

No, the ART of suffering to to recognize hardships still as experiences, take them in to process them, and let them go as easy as one might exhale. While daunting, it doesn’t take a zen master; it just takes someone who wants to be happy. One thing you will notice in the art of suffering is that it talks about the existence, cessation, and removal of pain of suffering. That’s right, the TRUE art is to find that even though it defines Life as suffering. That means that the baseline of life is happiness. Suffering is all the terrible things that you allow to obstruct that. That is why there is a great version of that same tale as told in a more easily understandable tone; The Art of Happiness.

Part of me writes the things that I do and with the words that I choose because they are what I need to hear. And sometimes when I read them, even my own post; it can help me to find a peace to my suffering. So I encourage you to try to same if you feel a bit lost or overwhelmed and aren’t getting the words you need to hear, or maybe don’t have anyone you can trust with the subject. Trust yourself, hear yourself, have the discussion with yourself – find yourself.

I will leave you with a great quote I stumbled across that inspired this post;

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God and with eternity.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Thank you for checking in.

With love,
M.C. Grimm




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