Blog Facelift

Blog has had some much needing updating, check it out and let me know what you think.

One comment

Did I keep the same background picture but move things around?

You bet I did!
The only thing I still need to update is the store and that will take a bit more time.

But – I did make some other adjustments and beautification efforts and I’d love your feedback =)

Leave me some comments of what you like and what else you’d like to see and thank you for stopping in!

With love,

M.C. Grimm

^ that’s the link!

1 comments on “Blog Facelift”

  1. Hi Grimm. My first time here, so I have no idea how this blog looked like before. But layout-wise, in general I like what I see. Two things about the sidebar, though:

    1. “M.C. Grimm Blog Topics” and “Categories” (same thing, twice)
    2. “Archive widget” (still missing)

    The first is a redundance (better stick with one and scratch the other, I think).
    The latter is more of a personal taste, I guess. Still, if your posts are aplenty and you want visitors to have easy access to your preceding articles, then an archive widget (on the sidebar) might be a good idea.

    Good luck! 🍸


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