The Mind of a Misunderstood Soul

A beautiful article from a fellow blogger on the power of positive thinking, love, and a valuable tool on facing depression or anxiety.


I have been following many blogs for quite some time, but due to work and life I often miss out on some content that could be evolutionary. That being said, from time to time, my drive for these passions has me travel back through time (to more dated content) and this is one such beautiful gem.

You can check out the original post here.

I recommend checking out their entire blog here. For anyone whom has ever faced depression or anxiety, I believe you will find some outstanding and helpful content here. The click is anonymous.

Thank you The Mind of a Misunderstood Soul for allowing me to post this content to further share with the world =)

With love, M.C. Grimm

And without further ado:


You Are Enough

You are what you’re meant to be.

you are who you’re meant to be.

You are everything you’ve ever wanted to be.

I know its been carved into your mind that you aren’t good enough unless you are pretty or smart, or own the latest clothes, or follow the latest trends or have loads of money, and I know this sounds cliché but those things do not define who you are. You are more than enough just being who you are right now as you are. Forget what society has labelled you or what your peers have said about you, what you’re judged for, or what people say about you behind your back. But you as yourself are here to be yourself, you were created 14 billion years ago in a massive explosion of light and energy and today you sit here as you. The most beautiful part of the universe is you, you’re able to explore, see all the beautiful stars and paintings, hear all the beautiful birds and symphonies.

You are enough.

You are beautiful and you are loved.

Love and light reside inside of you, all you have to do is let go and allow them to radiate through the universe.

There is love and kindness to found in this world, so start with yourself, and there you will find love and kindness.


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