Creature Files: Kraken

Creature Files presents: The Kraken. A nightmare of sailors, solider and pirates alike. Hear it’s tale and know it’s horrors.

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This weeks Creature Files features: Kraken
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*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence or adult content. Reader discretion is advised.*

I did not create nor do I own the artworks in this post:

It is known by many names; the giant squid, sinker of ships, maker of widows, claimer of crews, the notorious and fabled; Kraken. Yes, it’s name has a capital ‘K’; for the lives and terror which it brings have claimed more then even timeless warriors. Fleets have been sunk and many a vessel lost beneath the Spiral Currents by captains disregarding the stories told of the mighty Kraken.


One story tells of three war-ships of Gashimar, approaching the Radiant Empire under the cover of night. They were the most formidable ships rumored to have ever sailed the sea. They were filled with battle hardened crewmen and soldiers; readying to bombard their enemy from beyond the reef and row to shore. Alas, was their invasion thwarted.

The first and second ship were alerted by the desperate cries of the third. Their eyes feel upon a true horror; the Kraken was crushing the ship to splinters beneath the strength of its limbs. It’s tentacles were sweeping across the deck of the ship, devastating masts and feeding crew to it’s hungry mouth. The third ship was overtaken in mere minutes and the creature disappeared into the black water. Currents shifted and wakes lapped lazily around the ships until the creature ascended again. The first and second, struggle as they might, fell silent beneath the tide minutes after. The invasion was never known to the Radiant Empire and Gashimar had lost it’s mightiest warriors.

The Kraken is feared widely throughout the realm of Radiant Heroes. Some claim it is the wrath of an ancient demon of the sea, some warn that The Maker itself wanted to discourage sea travel – “if we were meant to cross the sea, we’d have gills” they say. Others feel the Kraken to be a survivor of olden, harsher seas; perhaps back in the days where gods roamed the lands and before the times of Fenrist. None yet know it’s secrets. What they do know is it’s cruelty. The Kraken’s cold, lustrous hunger is infamous throughout the lands and because of that; many avoid it’s rumored siting seas for a lifetime.


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