Radiant Heroes Update and Complete Fan Gear – right here!

How is Radiant Heroes Episode II going and what else have we been working on for you? Find out – here!

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While Radiant Heroes – Episode II: Beyond Horizons is nearing it’s final stages, I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been working on many things for you.

Of course, I have already shared Chapter 1 of the upcoming adventure right here on my  blog. However, NicNak Graphics and I also have some fun gear and clothing available for you wonderful fans of the series.

Everything you see here is available as first edition, original artwork, Radiant Heroes merchandise so: get in early, keep and collect, show your support and sport your favorites – more to come!

The clothing pictures below show only the back and how it looks in black, but there is an assortment of colors and styles =)

With love,

M.C. Grimm


Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth
Radiant Heroes PopSocket
Stein T-Shirt
Lee T-Shirt


Stein Hoodie


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