Game Room – Assemble!

Crafting and designing a warm game space for some great company.

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I, like most people, find inspiration in some of the strangest places – and what better place than the internet? After deciding against adding a pool table into our newly completed basement, my Nikki and I decided that a game table would be a nice addition to create a serious social space. By a game table I mean just an ordinary table where we would enjoy some board games and D&D. This is no where near all of my board games and doesn’t include any of my true Dungeons or Dragons stuff!

Having the dark and sinister, and yet bright and optimistic attitudes, we had to discover the perfect balance of eccentric personalities to tie the room together. After much browsing, I came across an artist and creator by the name of Den Beauvais. He had a ton of create art and projects to share so feel free to check out his site by clicking here. The project where I had found some great inspiration and even instructions (though I made some alterations) can be found here. Thank you for taking the time to share your project – it has helped us to create the inviting space we were hoping for!


Most great projects begin with a plan, but those that know me know that isn’t my strong suit. So I did some quick math to construct 78″ x 40″, rounded up, on materials and picked up some crafting ingredients. Is there extra? Sure, but who doesn’t like having some extra pieces on hand? Total cost for varying hardware, wood, stain and brushes: $240.



Next of course came some assembly. I constructed the legs separately and then added the lower braces between. Meanwhile, the top would be built on its own, after all: it’s the true star =) I don’t have a photo of the tabletop, but I can tell you that it was four 2×10’s, cut to length, and supported with three 2×4 braces.



Next up came a quick trial fit on the top to make sure everything was lining up well and sitting level. The underside supports to my table top fit so snug between the top braces of the legs that I really wouldn’t have needed to glue/screw it down. I did though so don’t worry =)



After the trial fit came the therapeutic part – sanding. I was able to bring in some helpful hands for this part and my was she thorough! 40, 120, 220 grit – holla!
It was at this part that I began to wish I had utilized some wood glue between the table surface planks (see the gaps?). Later I did an adjustment and I am considering a resin coat on top for a smooth surface.



Next we bring out the charm – the stain. An espresso gloss tint with a stain and poly mix. I have personally never used a mix before, but I am happy with how it came out.







And finally, a very exciting part; the assembly.



With the table completed we are waiting for some of our chairs to come in to complete the space and tie it all together. In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying it with some folding chairs. Thank you for checking in and happy gaming!











With love,

M.C. Grimm

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