M.C. Grimm: A Splash of Creation

From writers-block to the anxiety of a blank canvas: how do creators overcome their frustrations and find inspiration?

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*Artwork utilized in posts contributions of artist at Pixabay.com*

As a writer, I am sometimes frustrated by this blinking vertical line in a word document or text field. I recently discovered that my blinking, mocking nemesis is known as a Caret. I capitalize it because I now know his name. The identity of this silently sarcastic, inanimate, and irrelevant thing that has likely caused many writers to lose their figurative sh*t.

On a somewhat related note, I have done many paintings in my day, all of them terrible and without any real technique involved #whatisthatsupposedtobe?. They were so bad one might assume they were stolen from a first grade art show – it simply is not my forte. However I am not a painter, so my pride is intact. I do wonder though, to any artists out there, does a blank canvas have that same infuriating effect on you as my Caret?

In photography I have found that same level of frustration when I miss the opportunity of a good shot. Right? When you witness that perfect instance of a critter or passerby, or the perfect lighting by a single flick of the shutter and are left with an addition to the B-roll. Thereby creating yet another photo to save on your computer somewhere and never view again. Sad really.

Well, the purpose here is to ask you; creators of the world and the beauty within it:

Where do you find your masterpiece?
Is it in painting, photography, sculpting, writing, etc.

And how do you tame the frustration it could sometimes bring you without losing inspiration?
Do you meditate, call your mom, scream at clouds, etc.?


I’ll give you my answer to start off here.

I have always enjoyed writing since I was a kid. While I’m sure my stories have at least somewhat evolved (lol) they used to be limited to horror stories where characters having names of people in my family would find themselves battling creatures and ultimately be saved be the main and most powerful hero – Mike. I was a kid, who else is the hero in my own story? If you read my current published work, Radiant Heroes, you might even struggle to find a ‘hero’! Yes, it’s in the title, but is that because they are heroes – or because I like the word?

When I have writers block in present day I can typically grab a snack and go outside for maybe 15 minutes to appreciate the silence of nature that is the lower hudson valley (LHV). Then, whatever s was distracting my ailing mind has normally been either thought-through or overthought enough that I can get back into the swing of my works.

Alas, these are my go to works and solutions, but what the true creation here in this post – is what we bring together. So I need your feedback.

It would be very helpful for both myself and the world =) Please leave a comment below with your creations and techniques.

The universe is eternally grateful for you if you do – thank you in advance!

Radiant Heroes – Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth.

Radiant Heroes - Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth (Volume 1)

Coming Soon – Episode II: Beyond Horizons, check out Chapter 1 right here on my blog.

With love,

M.C. Grimm


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