Open Your Mind – The Rest Will Follow

Seizing the day, taking a chance and changing your life in a moments decision – it all starts with opening your mind.

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I have taken to looking up simple words that I find myself using. Perhaps by overusing a word, professionally or personally, the meaning seems to change. Sort of like defining a word with the word itself – it loses it’s depth where there is an ocean beneath it.

One such word is opportunity. There is so much connected to this one word. When I think about it, I think of the movie Yes Man. The character, played by Jim Carey, says yes to anything that he comes across, and because he is open to new experiences, changes his life and finds love and happiness, etc. Go watch the movie; I’ll wait =)


The reason this crossed my mind was because of a situation I was in a few times in my life (like in my very first post here) and now find a close friend struggling with. Hell, I’m sure many people reading this have the same struggle. What is the struggle? Working a job where the stress is killing you, for pay that is beneath your value, and having a diminished image of your professional worth due to negative reinforcement and consistent micro managing.

Did I just describe 75% of everyone’s career?

Well I managed to escape and find a role I love and I want to tell you how. I remained open minded and kept trying. When I would come home from my previous job, we’ll call the company Lizard Inc., I was exhausted; mentally. I was done with the world and just wanted to veg out in front of a video game until sleep. I could’ve slept forever. When I was at work, I was miserable. When I was off, I was stressed about going back to work. Lizard Inc. was consuming me and there were times when I wasn’t even aware of it and months would fall away as I carelessly declined events and parties because I couldn’t muster the mental fortitude to handle anything additional to work.

After some self-pitying and fruitless attempts to change the company itself, Lizard Inc., for the better, I realized that I simply didn’t belong there. The company wouldn’t care if I was happy and I wasn’t going to change the misery-machine to manufacture happiness; what was I doing to myself?

I forced myself to act. I came home, beat down, and would dedicate myself to a task.
“Today,” I promised myself, “I would update my resume and draft a cover letter.”
“Tomorrow, I will reach out for some references.”
“The next day, I will create logins to some sites, and create profiles.”

I would keep the tasks small and achievable, never overwhelming because when they are overwhelming – it is easy to procrastinate.

Eventually this led me to a complete setting where I was able to logon and follow through at a reasonable pace.

Well my close friend finds herself in a similar pickle, finding her own ways to manifest and then manage the stress of her career. I find it interesting how the same stressors affect everyone so differently and how different people display the stress (implosive vs explosive, aggressively or passively, etc.) and while I would love to help; I am finding the means in which things worked for me, not really playing out for her.

Anyway, what started this rant and what led me to all this was that original thought about Yes Man and the defining of individual words. When I realized the means in which someone might passively neglect their stressors, it might deny them opportunity. Like sleeping through a night out with friends and missing out on those memories and good times.

Here is the definition as per google dictionary;

  1. a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.
    “we may see increased opportunities for export”
    synonyms: chance, lucky chance, favorable time/occasion/moment, time, right set of circumstances, occasionmomentopeningoption, window (of opportunity), turngopossibilityMore

I’m not sure what it means to you, but I’d love for your to tell me in the comments =) Here’s what it means to me.

We have a chance, every minute of every day, to better ourselves. Sometimes lucky chance at making the world around us and our future greater than what it is, and what it could’ve been. This happens at random time, moments and occasions when the right set of circumstances, the right opening, the right window of opportunity open for those that were looking for it all along. This possibility, to those who care; who dared enough to seek it – that is opportunity.

Seize it.

Seize it like your life depends on it – because it does.

Carpe Diem.



With love,

M.C. Grimm

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