The Side-Quests and Side-Characters of Real Life Heroes!

Adding some positive characters to your life and tracking the side-quests that can put you in a better place later on. It’s your story!

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I’ve always been weird when it comes to love.

I say this probably because I believe in soul-mates, soul-friends, and hell; I’d even go so far as to say there are some soul-acquaintances out there. Now I’m not saying that there is some predetermined fate that defines our futures – no, I think everything is a matter of free will and choice.

That being said, I do think there are some contributors to our story, some ‘side-characters’ that if you allow them in to your story (it is always your story btw), bring side-quests that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. For example, you allow “Dwayne” into your life knowing that he has some less-favorable habits, but you can help see him through. He introduces to pills, and later on, how to acquire them from a local pharmacy by using a dead relatives name.

Or positively, you welcome “Chad” into your home, become long time friends. He introduces to theme parks where you develop your love for roller coasters and funnel cake. You get some cavities later on, but you learn how to love an experience that you may not have otherwise been introduced to. Sounds like perspective, right?

I have an ability that I a grateful for; that I can love. I am able to deeply and passionately love. There is one who holds my heart more than any other, you’ve heard of her. I appreciate this because there are some who can’t or won’t and while it can someday hurt worse than anything, for me; it is what makes life worthwhile.

Back at the beginning I said it was weird, but what’s so unusual about that?
Obviously, I love my soul-mate and of course she makes my life worthwhile – waking up next to her saves me the climb up Everest to see something beautiful (xoxo).

Well, I also love my soul-friends, deeply and passionately. I care for their happiness and their well being with a sincerity and fervor because I am their side-character (M.C. Grimm has joined your party) and that is my side-quest (Quest lvl. 65 – Attain Happiness). And I want to be a good addition, aka friend.


And while at the time of writing this I may just be overacting (I’m an author, so of course we overreact often lol), I think it maybe possible to maybe care too much, to be too present or too involved. Am I sounding like your mother-in-law?

I mean, that’s not my story, is it? That’s not my happiness, that’s my side-quest; but is it? I spoke about perspective yesterday and yet there are times when, because of this love I can’t tell where my story ends and another begins. Is that confusing or is that beautiful? I think it’s wonderful, but that’s where I’m weird. I think that maybe, to others; even soul-friends, it’s rude. I’m rude. Maybe it’s simply offensive or off-putting when the writing from my story winds up on your pages.

As the author of Radiant Heroes; I only want my words on those pages.
As an author to my book of life; I want everyone I love to write with me.

And that’s weird because generally, people don’t like that.

This might not seem like my most positive post, but it’s largely good. Appreciating something great and finding boundaries – makes for a promising future =)


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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