The Key Out of Your Comfort Zone

Different perspective offering new experiences and simple sensations to better your life.


Do you ever drive or walk down a road that you’ve traveled many times before; but can’t recognize it? You realize that you have come here many times and seen these trees, that gentle rolling hill and that lamp post; and yet somehow,  you’ve only been here during the day. The darkness of night makes a familiar place seem foreign and different like your somewhere completely new. Call it what you will, but for purposes today, I wall call it: perspective.

Change can be good for any person. Or perhaps too much of anything in routine, however good it may seem, is in fact harmful.
Is too much of any routine – bad?
Is change – good?
The same question from a different perspectives.

I’ve been thinking about how subtle changes can make such a huge difference on your attitude, on your mood, on your life.

Breakfast for dinner? That’s taboo!
Going out to see a movie on a work day? Unfathomable.
Driving with the AC on and window open? Earth-killer!



How easy it is to feel like is a completely different place simply by going there at a different time of day? Walk around your own neighborhood, and see things you couldn’t notice wit the sun out. I find that most people are out during the day and home at night, so I will speak to that for now – but if you are a nocturnal person who raids parks and beaches at night: it’s somehow less enjoyable in the day, isn’t it?

I find it easy at night, when everything is suddenly more quiet and the different colors of the world are allowed to be seen. One of my old time favorites was going to small parks, like Tanner Park in Copiague, NY, and giving myself and whomever was adventurous enough to come with me a tour of the place. There was a pier at the end of the docks that when you would stand on in the end at night – it felt like you were floating in space because the blackness of the water and reflection of the night sky. It was peaceful.

I never would’ve found that feeling there if I didn’t go out in the first place.

Change things up and break out of your routine! I’m not asking you to do something different – no that would be scary to leave a comfort zone.  I’m asking you to NOT doing something the same – and not to stay in your comfort zone.

Our comfort zone is as small as a cell and we can sometimes trap ourselves inside.
Break free =) just one day?

I’d love to hear your stories about how you’ve escaped your routine or how you were able to change your perspective to find something beautiful – share away!


With love,

M.C. Grimm


4 comments on “The Key Out of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. 😁 I love Tanner Park. And being nocturnal. Comfort zones are meant to be broken and routines scrambled. I find that way too many people are afraid of what other people think so they hold back how they really feel or from doing things they really want to do. The only thing that does is deprive them of valuable experiences.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more GGBQ. I think that sometimes while attempt to please others we miss out on passions and experiences that may have become our ‘favorite’ thing. While living impulsively may not work out all the time, I think the greatest things are unplanned – maybe that’s what makes them great?


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