Creature Files: Nymph

You’ve finally been able to catch a peak at one of the most elusive creatures in nature; a nymph.

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This weeks Creature Files features: Nymph
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*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence or adult content. Reader discretion is advised.*

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River Nymph

Nymphs are beings that embody nature, or at least certain elements of it. If you have ever thought about what causes the changing of the seasons in a realm like that of Radiant Heroes; all credit goes to the nymphs of Winter (Win), Spring (Rin), Summer (Mer) and Fall (Lll). Where they walk, so does the land change around them. Where they breathe, so does the wind shift to carry warmth, or chill.

Seasons are not the only nymphs throughout the land; not even close. Nymphs create mountains, rivers, lakes, volcanoes, forests, deserts, etc. They are regarded as playful, fun loving creatures that take great joy in their powers of creation. Their fun-loving nature keeps them in love with every aspect of their life and regards other sentient creatures as a threat due to their (human or otherwise) destructive nature.

nymph4Lake Nymph

All nymphs are female and are rumored to have remarkable beauty as pure beings of nature, a credit to their powers of creation bestowed by Mother Nature (ancient being to be discussed later). Imagine the human embodiment or representation of a sunrise? The same would apply to the serene tranquility of a lake (above) or the wild and calming presence of the forest (below). They are considered immortal, at least in that they are presumed not to age. It is not known how or if nymphs are able to reproduce since all are female. In fact, it is equally possible that if all nymphs were to disappear, the lands and the life throughout would dwindle and perish. Alas, not much is known and even less in understood about them.


Forest Nymph

There are some who hunt them, attempting to capture them as brides or trophies. Others seek them out to study their powers of creation and their abilities over the forces of nature. Very few have been successful to find them, and lesser to overcome the nymphs timeless experience of survival; and capture her.


Ancient Forest Nymph (taking great pride in her enduring creation)

I wish I could share more with you, but it would appear on this particular topic, we will have to learn more together as the Radiant Heroes story unfolds. I will leave you with a thought;

Should you find yourself looking over a breathtaking landscape; gently rolling, snow covered peaks of a manicured-looking mountain range, the lustrous brush of bountiful forest, the serene and calming surface of a pristine lake – look around; you may see the nymph herself just finishing up on tending her creation. After all, the world is her garden.

Happy adventuring!


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With love,

M.C. Grimm

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