Social Media Connections *Grow Here*

All of the links for my medias where I offer an opportunity to ‘follow for follow’ to grow the collaboration of content creation.


I was never a big fan or user of social medias until I began my writing career. It is both a blessing and curse to have the world of information so available – overwhelmingly available at times.

That being said; in the world of creators, networking and being able to communicate and collaborate with fans and brilliant individuals is essential for success of any works – large and small.

Today, my daring readers, I am reaching out to connect with you on all forms of medias so that we can share thoughts, content and creations and ridiculous banter regularly.

Please like, connect and follow to as many as you can and I will return the favor =)





Facebook Links:
M.C. Grimm
Radiant Heroes




Thank you for all the love and support and for every media you connect with, I will do the same.


With love,

M.C. Grimm

2 comments on “Social Media Connections *Grow Here*”

  1. Totally agree. But it’s no easy thing. Building an audience is time consuming and downright frustrating. So many people out there that simply ignore you but expect you to support their media – especially Twitter. I have been going at it, liking other people’s stuff and I get a paltry one or two likes on my own stuff. WordPress is slowly going but still, in one year I have gone from one like to six or seven.
    I am a writer, and I try my best to be engaging but without the help of others, it’s just not happening! So well done for the initiative. You can count on me, at least.

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