Concept artwork turned into… a t-shirt?

NicNak Graphics, developed by the incredible Nikki Grimm, creates the first piece of Radiant Heroes fan-ware with more in the works!

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I have made many references to the lovely Nikki Grimm of NicNak Graphics before. She has been the designer for Radiant Heroes cover concepts and some great fan art. Well now – she’s done it!

She is creating a line of t-shirts and later hoodies that will be sold exclusively on amazon. You will see your favorite Radiant Heroes characters in additional to some mind-blowing NicNak Graphic original in the weeks to come.

Thank you Nikki for being a creator and inspiration – we look forward to your works!

Radiant Heroes Graphic Anime T-Shirt Team Lee

Still haven’t read Radiant Heroes? Episode II will be coming out this summer, don’t be left behind – pick up your copy from the link below!

Available Now!
Radiant Heroes - Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth (Volume 1)


I need to sell 10 to gain access to more slots, think you can help?
Thank you for the love and support – happy adventuring!

P.S. I’ve heard that Stein is next =)


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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