*Final Live Stream* Book Discussion on Radiant Heroes Episode I

January’s read in A Novel Idea online book club features Radiant Heroes. On 2/9 @ 7pm there will be a live stream book discussion on the complete novel. Beware of spoilers if you are still reading!

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The final part of ‘A Fantastic Youth Book’ book discussion will include a detailed discussion on chapter 6-12 and overall story content.

Open to all feedback and discussion on characters, plot and future hopes for the epic-fantasy series – the possibilities are endless!

To attend the discussion, go to ‘A Novel Idea’ online book club Facebook page and look for the live stream at 7pm on Friday, February 9th . If you want to participate in the chat, we’d love to hear your thoughts! So, join the club before entering in order to be able to add comments.


I look forward to seeing you there!

Also, you can see the original recorded Chapter 1-5 live stream discussion at the link below,. Feel free to fast forward to 6:30 due to IT issues.



With love,

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