M.C. Grimm: Fire and the Passions of Life – As Explained Over a Burnt Breakfast

Passions and rekindling flames – how can burning your breakfast turn into love?


I want to share a thought with you that went through my mind while burning breakfast. Luckily I don’t mind my noms ‘extra crispy’, but I wanted to share my day dream with you.

Passions are like fires – they require fuel, air, and a spark to ignite.

Take any passion, take a hobby,  and it could really be anything, but for the sake of an example; let’s say you enjoy writing.
The spark was the moment you were introduced to it. I don’t mean learning to write, no, I mean where the passion to write was born. It may have been a particular teacher who inspired a certain style through an assignment – that moment was the spark because it was the first time you enjoyed doing it. I’m sure if you really think on it, for a moment, you will remember the exact moment.
Fuel, in this case, is inspiration. There are some writers that get there inspiration from reading. Others might find it while traveling the world and experiencing adventures first hand. This is the fuel that feeds the passion and keeps it both intense and invigorating.
Finally, there is air, and I choose to end with air because I believe it is the most misunderstood. I believe that an artist needs that time to find inspiration, not just to feed their passion, but also to remove them self from it. I believe that sometimes, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’, whether we intentional plan the absence or not is irrelevant.

Here’s an example; when a writer has writers-block, they have to walk away from the keyboard – put down the pen – and do something else. Whether it is finding an inspiration that reignites their spark, or simply taking enough time to not ‘smother’ their flame.

It is the same in love.
We meet and there is a spark.
We have found an inspiration in one another and share it together through gestures and romances.
And the air – is time. It could be a kiss while leaving for work and and ‘enjoy your day’ or a text that says ‘i miss you’. It is the space between romances that leaves you wanting more. It is both the ‘absence’ and the ‘fonder’.

The moral of my thought was to fan your flame – whatever it is – feed it, cherish it, and keep it alive. If it has been some time since you have taken the time and felt it’s heat, well there is no such thing as a dead passion or a hopeless love, and many times all it needs – is a spark.

Today, I encourage you to light it.





With love,

M.C. Grimm


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