Creature Files: The Great White Wolf – Fenrist

The Radiant Heroes universe is filled with powerful gods and demons. Take a look at Fenrist – God of the Hunt!


This weeks Creature Files features: Fenrist
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*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence. Reader discretion is advised.*

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Not to be confused with the Fenrir of Norse mythology, the true story of the God of the Hunt; Fenrist, originates in Radiant Heroes tales.

Fenrist was born of the same original burst of light and magic that gave life to all primordial and ancient beings. While others waged war with one another for dominance and power, Fenrist reveled only in the passions of the land and freedom of being at home in nature. He found fun in roaming the forests, rarely tapping into his godly powers. His wild fascination with nature gave him a sense of appreciation to the wonders of the natural world and he spent centuries of the early world bathing in the sun and streams while enjoying the hunt of the lands-game for sport.

This bliss, through his gigantic crystal blue eyes, would have lasted forever; if not for the battles between raging gods and hordes of demons that would leave lands barren and dead. His paradise wasn’t to be found in any overwhelming power or heavenly realm, it was present all around him; and being destroyed by those less grateful.

Fenrist was known by other gods and demons alike as a neutral power because he never showed loyalty to any faction or entity. He was also respected as the only god that truly became attuned to the mortal world since none, other than himself, was willing to forgo their power for such a time as he. Fenrist knew that to preserve his wild existence (and as a consequence, the mortal world as we know it) that he would have to end these conflicts. The answer wasn’t simple, the others have been waging war since the dawn of time, and appealing to everyone would be impossible.

However, Fenrist was clever. He went to the heavens, where he was warmly welcomed as a neutral party. They beckoned to him to join their cause, defeat the demons and save his beloved world. He refused, but offered help. He told the gods to bring their allies home, as nature speaks to him that a great power has been hidden right here in the stars. They did as he told them, grateful to his aid.

Then, Fenrist traveled to the depths of the Abyss, where he was cheered and boasted in hopes he would join their ranks to defeat the gods. Fenrist refused, but offered to them the same secret – that nature speaks to him a great power has been hidden here in the Abyss, and to bring their allies home to search for it. They did as he told them, vowing to spill god-blood in his name.


When many of the gods and demons had returned to their respective realms, Fenrist unleashed all essence of his godly power into the realms. He channeled all of his strength to create divides between them that barred both gods and demons from being able to enter the mortal world. With this, Fenrist lost all supernatural power, save for that of immortality. At once when the deed was done and the world was silent of holy and unholy battle, he was at peace. It is said that after the spell was cast, he took a deep sniff of the air; caught no scent of god nor demon, and took off after the nearest game.

Stories of Fenrist and his divides echoed through the land and some mortal creatures; particularly those with an appreciation for the hunt and nature, recognized him as a god worth following. It is said that one whom lives their life devoted to Fenrist and his passions join him in the afterlife at his sacred forest. It is believed they will take the form of lesser white wolves, enjoying the beauty of The Hunt in The Great Wood with their pack, and of course; Fenrist himself.


While the sacrifice of his godly powers did not bar the Abyss nor the heavens forever, the millennia in which both sides were locked away allowed for the development of the mortal world as we know it in Radiant Heroes. When the divides had fallen, there were far fewer gods and demons remaining due to their own internal strife – strife’s that had lost the very memory of Fenrist trickery and even his very existence. Many gods, to this day, do not recall any God of the Hunt. And Fenrist; well he is happy being forgotten to his forest.


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