Creature Files -Djinn/Djinni/Genie

The forces of nature explained in true Radiant Heroes fashion. Step out into the storm – come learn of the Djinn.


This weeks Creature Files features: Djinn
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*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence and torture. Reader discretion is advised.*

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I know what you’re thinking “M.C., I notice that you post a lot about the evil creatures like; Vetala and Mummies that are in the world of Radiant Heroes. Why don’t we hear about some of the nice ones that are there? Is there anything not trying to kill our heroes?”

To that I would have to say; that is a wonderful question. While I will be adding some neutral and good creatures to the posts (because they do exist), I feel as if you are vacationing in the world of Radiant Heroes. And similar to how, in real life, when you go camping you might look into how to approach a bear encounter vs a butterfly encounter, I want you to be prepared. But, because of some feedback from those who are less ‘lion-hearted’ than most of you, wonderful-brave readers, I would like to discuss Djinn (also known as Djinni, or Genie, but all one race in Radiant Heroes).

Djinn are magical creatures by nature that have seemingly immortal life (none have been witnessed or documented of dying from natural causes) although they do seem to have varying ages evident in grayed hair and wrinkles. Djinn, like people, have (relatively) free will. By this, I mean they can choose how to use their power, for good or for evil. I’ll give you an example.

Everyone knows the good old Djinn from the Aladdin movie?
He is an example of a good genie; you make a wish to him and he does his best to give you exactly what you want – hey he might even do some things for you just because he’s a ‘nice guy’. There are many Djinn, mostly those appearing younger in age, that are open to honoring their ‘keeper’ and making lives of those around them better. I say ‘younger appearing’ because in the world of Radiant Heroes, many of the older ones might be the ones more likely to corrupt your wishes and lead to the death of their ‘keeper’.

This might be because of life experiences (perhaps a Djinn does not lead a rewarding life for all the good deeds they do and they become bitter over their lives) or perhaps the amassing of their power over time causes them to lose touch with the lesser mortal beings and regard them as little more than meat.

I can not say, the ones that are more hostile do not tend to be open to discuss their feelings; so the reason why Djinn (or even people) become ‘bad’, is all hypothetical.




I have used the term ‘keeper’ and I want to explain that.

A Djinn is a magical creature, but not of a magic that some individuals; such as sorcerers or wizards are able to wield. A Djinn is a creature of nature, and much like the magic or ‘forces’ that exists in nature, it is wild and not something that is regularly or easily controlled.

A Djinn is a natural existing creature, born of raw forces of nature, that is a wild essence of magic.

This means that a Djinn might have part or all of its body shrouded in a wisp of dust and wind. It may appear as a funnel of flame or a vortex of lightning because even the creature can sometimes not control its own power to retain its form. It is wild, raw magic after all. Because of this most find a vessel. I am sure many of you are familiar with a magic lamp?

genie lamp


The more powerful a Djinn is, the larger the vessel required to house its essence, but most can fit into ordinary household items. Some of the more powerful might find themselves comfortable is something spacious and compact like a well (ever wonder where the concept of a wishing well came from?) and some of the most powerful might make their home in a cave. There have been some that have hollowed out mountains to create their or gargantuan vessel (see Volcano).

I have used the term ‘keeper’ when referring to the Djinn and want to tell you what that means. There are some who would offer themselves as ‘guardians’ of the vessel in exchange for payment or ‘granting of wishes’. The keeper benefits by having access to the raw magical power of the Djinn, capable of manipulating matter and bringing destruction to those who the keeper asks of it. The Djinn benefits from this as well. Firstly, the vessel containing its raw, resting being, will not be destroyed (while this may not kill the Djinn anyway, it would surely make channeling its being and magic incredibly difficult and therefore make it vulnerable to other influences). Secondly, the wishes driven by fear/hope/loss/selfishness/selflessness/etc are all energies of positive/negative forces that then stay within the Djinn for the rest of its life. These energise grow the power of the Djinn itself and overtime can make a good, or evil Djinn, an incredible force of nature.

Fun fact: A Djinn can recall every keeper and every wish every made as the power of each individual wish is comprised in it’s being.

So when you see a raging wild-fire, violent tornado, raging hurricane or terrifying lightning storm; know that it could very well be a Djinn, seeking a new vessel or unleashing its wrath.

After all, a Djinn is – the force of nature.




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With love,

M.C. Grimm

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  1. 1) I am absolutely in love with your writing style .
    2) I love fantasy , so I’ll definitely be reading more.
    3) Very informative
    4)have you watched the show Genie in the House ?

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