M.C. Grimm: Time Flies – or does it?

What is the difference between spending time and wasting time and whats the difference between liking something and resorting with the convenience of that something.


It becomes more apparent to me each day how quickly time passes. Life becomes a blur of events and you take time rushing from school, work, family events, holidays, doctor appointments and putting gas in the car that it seems like you are always playing catch up. I needed to stop and reflect on how the same 24 hours I had 10 years ago became the blink of an eye today.

Time does not pass any more quickly – obviously. However our appreciation for the minutes that make up that time, that we tend to lose a bit of care for. We look at the clock and say ‘in 1 hour I have to leave’, but then what do we do with that hour? Some might pace around, some thumb through social media to see what other people are doing this hour – most of us, most of the time, waste it. So when we have a scattered schedule of daily responsibilities, how much of the day are we wasting?

I know what your thinking ‘Mike, i like scrolling the internet and reading cat memes, what is wasting time?’. Excellent question and I must answer it with a question. Have you ever been scrolling through your phone and accidentally hit the camera? Maybe it was set to look at you and you caught a glimpse of what you look like when you’re not paying attention? Do you look like you are enjoying yourself? You ‘like’ this something because it might be familiar, easy and convenient, but that doesn’t mean it makes you happy. It might ‘fill your time’, but I think I personally have reached the point where a brief and silent meditation is more enjoyable then any social media.

You may have heard of a photographer named Eric Pickersgill. He takes photos of people using technology and edits out the device they are on to show how disconnected people are and how they aren’t ‘doing something they like’ only filling time. This is a photo of his work called “Out of Hand”. For more on his work you can check it out here.


I’m not attacking social media. As an author, I am on all of it, a lot.

I’m not attacking technology, as a former entrepreneur of a custom computer service, I find technology to be vital to our evolution.

I am saying that we, you and I, waste a lot of time in our day. And if WE waste it in our day, we waste our week, month, year and eventually, we’ve wasted half our lives on knowing what your cousins friend had for lunch.


If you are reading this, I have a challenge for you.

For 24 hours, don’t scroll aimlessly through media. When you are waiting in line, don’t stare at your phone like you can’t handle living outside of yourself. When you go to the bathroom, don’t sit on the throne and read more posts or play games on your phone. Just relax. There are so many opinions on the net, today, why not take some time to think and develop more of your own. Then you can approach tomorrows conversations with proactive engagement vs reactive regurgitation. Not that you did, I think you’re wonderful, but I think we can all agree, there’s a lot of it out there.

Today, I am challenging you to be more conscious and less distracted and for some of you, this will be difficult – but if you use this time more wisely today and gain anything, I hope it was a successful adventure that you might exercise again in the future.


With love,
M.C. Grimm

4 comments on “M.C. Grimm: Time Flies – or does it?”

  1. Yes, we need to awake from our trans and live instead of just existing.
    Thanks for pointing me towards the pictures with the phones edited out. It shows how people are so robotic and mindlessly bored while scrolling through most of the Facebook/ Twitter feeds. There is so much content, but rarely does it make us actually feel…

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    1. Thank you for checking it out. I think about it all the time and wonder how much time I’ve wasted – now I try to make the most of my time whenever I can and always make it a positive experience. Good times – every time!

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