It’s Coming!!! Radiant Heroes – Episode 2

Looking for some much needed feedback to continue developing the Radiant Heroes series. Also featuring an exciting update on where the story goes after episode 1 and what to expect in the adventure to come.



Most people love a happy ending; one where the villain is defeated and heroes ride off into the sunset. Much like in every day life; Radiant Heroes is a story and world that abides by its own rules. Very rarely do things go according to plan or to our wishes..

Want to know what happens after the pages of Episode 1? Well, for all those eagerly awaiting in suspense, let me put your mind at ease and let you know that episode 2 is in the works. Although the title might change, I can assure you there will be even greater excitement, conflict, and development than you could have imagined from episode 1’s base introduction to the world. I am beyond excited to invite you further into the Radiant Heroes world.

I created a glossary of the world, creatures and fantasy items following the main story of episode 1 (at the back of the book). It was designed to provide an insight for any reader that finds themselves not intimately familiar with epic-fantasy novels. I’m curious – did it help? Should I continue to develop the glossary? Please let me know in a comment below.

Similarly to how I posted up the teaser chapters for episode 1, once I have completed the writing and received them back from my editor I will happily post them here first for you; my favorite reader. We have so much left to discover together and my artist and I are in the works of painting a map that will show you how vast of a world our heroes must traverse. While you have already met many of the key characters, there are many more to introduce to you. So – in the realm of characters from episode 1; who are your favorites, your least liked and why? Please also leave that in a comment below.

Now, I know the first question everyone would like to ask is; what happens to Lee? I can’t tell you here, but it might make it’s way into one of the teaser chapters if fate allows it. Remember, we have an entire world of conflict and crazed villains ahead of us, how can you be worried about one cleric?!

So if you could please give some feedback to your friendly neighborhood fantasy-author I would absolutely love you for it. Please leave a comment below for;

  1. Was the glossary helpful and would you like to see more of it?
  2. Who was your most favorite character? Least favorite? Why?


Looking for more adventure? Check back here at for more and pick up your copy of episode 1; Radiant Heroes – Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth.


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If you already own yours, please leave me a 5-star review and thank you for all your love and support.


With love,

M.C. Grimm

3 comments on “It’s Coming!!! Radiant Heroes – Episode 2”

  1. I have not had the privilege to read your book, but from reading the blog post entitled “Creature Files – Vetala” I can definitely say that the glossary is a fantastic idea. It is easy to get lost in the world full of unknown monsters/ creatures, so it is useful to have a “cheat sheet”.

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