Creature Files – Vetala

Climb inside a corpse with the reality of ‘Vetala’ in the Radiant Heroes universe.


This weeks Creature Files features: Vetala
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*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence and torture. Reader discretion is advised.*



A Vetala is a form of demon that exists primarily in a wisp or spirit form. This spirit is only able to take on a physical body by possessing a cadaver (corpse). The ideal cadaver would be very recently deceased to allow the spirit as much time as possible in the body before decay. This would also allow for the cadaver to appear as an in tact and living being once possessed. In fact, a body deceased for less than a day could be inhabited and walk among the living with ease. They are seldom discovered  in the world of Radiant Heroes due to their ever changing form, elusive nature and their tendency to travel far and often – since Vetala can not reproduce, self-preservation is paramount to their avoiding extinction.

The body possessed will continue to decay and rot, as would any corpse. The only means in which the Vetala spirit can preserve the corpse it inhabits is by feeding off of the essence of living beings. This benefits the Vetala in a number of ways:

-The possessed body will no longer degenerate.
-The Vetala becomes imbued with the power taken from its victims.
-Those consumed by the Vetala come under the influence of the Vetala’s Curse.

Those under the influence of the Vetala’s curse become known as corrupted. They become soulless entities adrift to the world, following only the instruction of their Vetala master. These corrupted can be ordered to continue their life as normal and would do so unnoticed, but they still are only a shell of their former beings. Those in-tuned with magic or with very close spiritual ties to the victim may be able to notice a change in the individual. Because of this, and the Vetala’s desire to remain unnoticed, a Vetala will frequently target entire families and communities to ensure their presence remains hidden. Slaying the Vetala would free the spirits bound by it’s curse. If the victim’s body has been slain, its essence would pass on into the spirit realm.

The Vetala will continue to consume until it’s power has grown beyond its host environment (IE it has consumed everything in its area without putting itself in danger) or until it has amassed enough power where it feels it can spread it’s influence further (IE consuming a town or nation into its corrupted ranks). It would be at that time where a Vetala could choose to devour it’s possessed cadaver, unleash it’s pure-Alpha form, and walk on the physical plane as a Vetala Lord. At this time, any new corrupted created would be permanently afflicted by its curse and also become alternate vessels for the Alpha to possess at will. Only one such Vetala Lord is ever rumored to have existed and it created ripples throughout the land in it’s time – keep an eye out for the story.

Vetala are regarded as some of the most vile ranks of demon spirits. Their existence and nature repulses other dark entities and their subtle, self-preserving nature is mocked by others in the demon world. For the most part Vetala are not the creatures of darkness that would keep one awake at night. However, they are conniving, evil, immortal, patient, and capable of amassing great amounts of power – that makes them truly terrifying.


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