Creature Files – Mummy

It’s alive! The reality of the ‘Mummy’ in the Radiant Heroes universe.

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This weeks Creature Files features: Mummy.
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*WARNING: The following post may contain scenes of graphic violence and torture. Reader discretion is advised.*




A punishment reserved for the most vile and treacherous, imposed by the most ruthless; the curse of the mummy. The curse was considered so severe that it would take the most unspeakable wicked acts to be sentenced to suffer it. Like with most magics, there were laws or rules that governed it – that allowed it to work.

The victim must be of a mortal descent. It was believed that a mortal doomed by the curse of the mummy would lose their soul and therefore any ties to magic or alternate realms – that was the cost of the curse. In magic, as with matter or physics, nothing can be created or destroyed, it’s essence can only change in form. After losing their soul, their body would cease to decay and age and it would also become imbued with remarkable healing and regenerative abilities. The curse would also trigger a growth of tissues, particularly that of muscle and bone density. In a way, this curse would sound like an immortal life of strength and power, but it was rarely the case and never the intention of the caster(s) imparting the curse.

In many of the dark corners through the world of Radiant Heroes, torture is regarded as a form of art. This was meant to be the most drastic sentence and so it was developed to bring an eternity of torment. The individual would be imparted with the curse and then have their organs savagely harvested. This portion was meant to exact the most brutal onset of pain and was often carried out by families of those wronged by the victim. These families, victims of the victim, would open the individuals chest cavity by breaking open the rib cage, and each leave with a piece of their ‘due justice’. Due to the power of the ongoing transformation, they would not die, but instead be rendered weak while their vitals began to reform themselves. This would allow the caster(s) time to enact their true intent. It would often begin with tightly binding the victim inside an enclosed tomb, typically a sarcophagus. Although they would have their eyes gouged and tongue torn away, they would still be gagged and blindfolded for when their body might possibly be regenerated. Finally, before sealing the victim within the sarcophagus, they would cover the victim in flesh eating insects known as Baras. Baras are dangerous insects that reproduces quickly and are carnivorous. They particularly enjoy feasting on muscle tissue and the marrow of bones. The sarcophagus would be hidden somewhere isolated from even a chance discovery. The curse would cause the individual to continuously regenerate as quickly as the Baras were consuming them alive – they would suffer indefinitely.

It is simple to understand why the curse of the mummy would be regarded with such fear. Although it would take a drastic crime for one to be sentenced to mummification, there were areas of the world that practiced it more freely and that still do to this very day.



Luckily, you will never have to go there, but will our heroes? Who knows!

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