What are ‘Creature Files’?

The existence of these monsters – revealed and explained in the following ‘Creature Files’.


The following posts titled ‘Creature Files’ pertain to the nature of beasts and monsters as living within the world of Radiant Heroes. Though some of these beings and their elements may dabble in the realm of folklore or ancient myths; their existence in our story-world is  not a matter of faith – but of experience. After all, how would anyone know such a creature exists if one never escapes to tell the tale?

In these files I will provide some additional behind the book content that makes Radiant Heroes the immersive world it will become in future episodes. You may find the answers to some novel questions here as the files and story develop. These posts may contain information that even our characters are unaware of, but you will be more aware.

Beware, brave reader, the files to follow may include some graphic scenes and horror.

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