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An oversight can lead to being n overlooked, take the time to create profiles. Also featured, Radiant Heroes availability.


This picture is what happens when you find a royalty free image for chaos. Interesting and beautiful at the same time, but why did I post it?

Well, amidst all the chaos of publishing Radiant Heroes, it had eluded me to create my author page on amazon’s site. Special thank you to the wonderful R.K. Lander for catching a much needed area for discovery. By allowing that small link below the book title it should do wonders so if you have works on amazon – double check that you have one!

You can check out my Amazon Author Page and click ‘follow’ to show some support.

If you have yet to embark on the adventure of Radiant Heroes, you can pick up your copy today from the link below on amazon or from Barnes and Noble.

Already have a copy?
Thank you! Please leave a raving 5 star review and keep an eye out for notifications for an author discovery I will be organizing in a couple of months.


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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