eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, or Audio – which formats are right for you?

When choosing what formats to provide your novel, what should you choose? What available formats are available for Radiant Heroes, and what else is to come?

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Radiant Heroes – Episode 1: A Fantastic Youth is now avail on eBook, Paperback and finally Hardcover!

Audio coming soon.



For all authors, starting novelists and curious individuals,

I have put a lot of thought and research into which formats I would release the entire Radiant Heroes series. I felt it was important to share the information that I have learned from over time to any starting or considering authors. You’re publisher (like Radiant Publishing House Inc.) could also help illuminate some options for you since certain genres may have a different expectation than others.

eBook is an absolute must for nearly any story genre. This is the equivalent of searching for a store and finding that it doesn’t have a website. It is 2017 and if you don’t offer an eBook, then you are not catering to 40% of your readers.

Paperback is another must. For every reader that prefers the convenience of their kindle or ipad, there is a reader that wants to feel the crisp edges of the paper – flipping in their fingertips. It is the most inexpensive means to print a book and universally appreciated. Here is another 40% of your readers.

Hardcover is a very different animal. It is the most expensive to print and due to varying spine depths and canvas restrictions, the specific nature of these books is more tricky to create a printable copy. Many authors find that the effort is not worth the minimal markup. For some genres the hardcover format may not be a viable option to begin with. as the typical-reader of those genres may statistically opt for the paperback or eBook version (IE Romance, Poetry and Spirituality). However there are some demographic of readers who typically go for the hardcover in their genre (IE Fantasy, Mystery, and Biography). Though this may only be 15% of your readers, the initial one-time setup invites all fans of your genres to your book.

Audio is an added bonus to any book option. Passionate readers with long commutes may love the opportunity to listen to your novel while on the road or traveling. While never required, any genre can benefit from offering this enjoyment option. If you have a quality speaking voice, or Morgan Freedman is your uncle, it may be worth dedicating some time to immortalize your novel in an audio file. You might not think much of it, but when your story is world-renowned, your fans will demand it. Here is your final 5% market.

What to do? Where to go? Who to choose for POD (print on demand)? Which distribution channels to pursue? Message me with any questions and I’d be happy to help where I can.

Thank you for checking in!


With love,

M.C. Grimm



1 comments on “eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, or Audio – which formats are right for you?”

  1. Thanks for sharing the insight with us. I am definitely a paperback kind of reader. Back in the day, hardcovers were my only choice (due to my desire to preserve the books for as long and as well as possible; they also somehow felt more “important”), but it is much easier to travel with a simple paperback, so that is what I pick up nowadays.I need a book to be relatively light and portable and take efficient amounts of space.

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