Making a Story into a Legend, What Makes A Character Live

Does being a character of fiction make one ‘not real’?
What does it take to develop a character? Where does the story end and their life begin? Questions answered, right here.

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When does a story end?

This might be an existential question. When does life end, when is the memory of a person lost to time. Let’s talk about it in terms of an epic-fantasy novel character.

Is it when a character has left the pages of adventure? Maybe when the heroes journey has met their destination? When they die? Or maybe – it keeps going on (after death) simply from the heroes mere impact on the world?

It’s hard to say, and I think it maybe different for every writer – definitely for every reader (hence fan fiction). From the author perspective, I can give my idea of where the story ends, and it will hopefully invite you deeper into the depth of Radiant Heroes.

When anyone of my characters comes into existence, they are alive. They breathe and chase their dreams 24/7, like us. Now as a writer, I can only take you on one story at a time, wrapping in different realities and tying in alternate back stories and side adventures that we may not have had first-hand experience in order to pursue the main plot. I sometimes feel that I am showing you only a glimpse, that there are layers of emotions and history that determine each characters decisions. Yes, this will be built over time, but I would rather indulge you with overwhelming-quality information!

When a character leaves the story, perhaps to go learn a spell or practice combat, they are on their own adventure. If someone is separated from the group in a battle and left to the unknown, things are still happening to them! For me, I can (and will) write the important and interesting adventures into other stories, but not every part of every characters life is made public.

If you haven’t seen some of the character journals, check them out here on Lee has opened up his journal to share with you in entry #1 and entry #2.

Journal entries aren’t the only ways I will provide additional depth to the world. Don’t know what I mean? While, you haven’t met Vyran in the main Radiant Heroes story, some tales are happening -at the same time-.



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