The big release is July 15th, but here’s a special sneak-peek on the epic-fantasy series: Radiant Heroes.

The anticipated release of the epic-fantasy Radiant Heroes series. Here is some sneak-peek access as a special thank you for all my supportive fans.


I know you’re wondering where I’ve been and I am very happy to tell you that I have been very-very busy.  Overwhelmingly busy in fact, but the work has surely paid off with some wonderful content that I am going to share right here, to my favorite fans. I have been thrilled and beyond excited to be able to share this adventure with you and hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as I did writing it. After all, it is the first of the series that would someday make a fantastical movie!

That’s not beyond our dreams or abilities to be unreachable. In fact, check out our theatrical novel trailer here.

All of the incredible artwork on this novel couldn’t have been completed without the wonderful imagination of Nikki Grimm. So to her, we raise a toast, and an extra special thank you for making it all come together.

This early access content is going to be used on the final novel, so you will see it in stores and online on July 15th. If you wanted to get a jump on reading my work, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are available right here on my blog. You can also see some of Nikki’s concept art on this site as well.

©2017 Radiant Publishing House Inc.


©2017 Radiant Publishing House Inc.


©2017 Radiant Publishing House Inc.


Thank you for your support!
With love,

M.C. Grimm



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