The Making of ‘Radiant Heroes’ Trailer

This behind the scenes walk through of the Radiant Heroes trailer gives you a special look of the creative insight that goes into creating a trailer.


I know what you’re thinking: Can a novel even have a trailer?

And the answer to that is yes, of course it can.
In a lot of ways, maybe it should.

Now, I won’t claim to be a director by any means. Recognizing this, I recruited cinematography major, film buff and artistic mind Nikki Grimm to help get some quality footage. My role in this as the author was to:
1. Stay out of the way.
2. Add witty/irritating humor.
3. Capture still shots to take you along on our ‘making of’ adventure.

Although I couldn’t get an entire campsite without interfering with our director, I had to get some kind of shot here.
You’ll find our heroes spend much of their adventure traveling. In all reality, they roam the continent, camping fireside almost every night. In the wilds of the Radiant Empire, fearsome creatures and bandits alike roam in the darkness. You can guarantee that a wise band of adventurers would always have a companion on watch.



Here is a photo of how seriously her work is taken while shooting (excuse the blur):



And in case you didn’t know, Nikki is a HUGE fan of Stein. Here she is in one of Stein’s famous poses:


And here you might be saying to yourself ‘a famous pose? standing there with a scythe glaring at me?’ and again – yes. Throughout the novel, as early as Chapter 2, you quickly learn the intensity and sometimes ferocity that is translated by Stein’s stare.


Rivaling the formidable nature of Stein is a most mysterious foe. This character will be introduced in the novel when it is released at the end of the month. What I can tell you now is that his weapon of choice is most unusual. The slow, off balance swing of an ax allows him to feel some sort of challenge against all these lesser opponents.


He also has incredible aim at a distance.



I am hoping Nikki Grimm has the final edited trailer completed within the next few days. I can tell you that you will have first access right here on Thank you for checking in and I look forward to sharing the project with you very soon.


With love,

M.C. Grimm

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