Fantastic Youth: Status Update

Novel, trailer, glossary and more! When will the world be ready? Come find out –

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Editing is almost completed and I have been compiling a glossary to add to the novel. It will provide definitions for races, places, plants, languages and many more.

Why? Because, when living in this place of fantasy, I wanted to make the world completely immersive. You know that someone who surrounds himself as deeply into anything as I do, I was even considering posting a sound track. I’m not going to do that just yet for the sake of our time frame, but it will be something to look forward to in future works. I’ve heard of some novels that do that, but for this particular type of novel, it would set quite the mood. If nothing else, you might possibly expect to hear some background mood music when we record the audio book.

With editing in the works and all of my attention dedicated to the glossary, cover and trailer – I am cutting it very close to the deadline, but planning to deliver. Although I have chapters one and two posted here on my blog, there have been some additions that will be a welcomed site for all our wonderful readers out there.

Now, I have told you a bit about my the Radiant Heroes Trailer in my last post: here. It is still in some wild brainstorming processes using some special resources that were borrowed and donated from some incredible people (Thanks Rob!). Want to see the finished product? Well its not done yet, but you will see it first, right here.

Thank you for checking in and keep stopping by for first access to all Radiant Heroes content.


With love,

M.C. Grimm


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